pirmdiena, 2013. gada 25. februāris

Week 1. Week 2

I feel I have been a good student in my childhood and learnt something from "our beloved" V. I. Lenin who wrote "studying, studying and one more time studying".
I have found out that I love studying (at the moment better than teaching...)

Week I was jumbled, I couldn't get to the first face-to-face meeting and I had to find out everything by myself...Besides I probably had a flu for some 4 days ( but still was crawling to my working place) and one thing better than a flu  - my best friend from Ireland ( she went away 6 years ago) visiting and staying in my house. Do you think I had time to understand what was what??? At least I tried rather hard.

Week II was a little better, the flu got weaker but it still it is here, I can feel it in my heart physically.
I enjoyed to do the tasks, especially evaluating different websites. I have already tried to use some in my lessons. 
(But my "bestest' friend THE FLU lurks around the corner and spoils my life).

My life is full to the brim with interesting people and exciting activities and at the moment I am glad to be in the middle!